Colour Charts

Have you been searching everywhere, looking for Cravats and Ties that you can have specially made to match your wedding colour theme? Then look no further! Just browse through our extensive range of colours - the shade you need is right here! Fabric samples of all colours are available on request.

If you need some help finding a specific colour you can post a colour sample to our Colour Matching Service and we'll do our very best to find a match for you.

Click on one of the two options below to see all of the colours in each range.

Fabric Samples

Fabric swatches of all colours are available on request. Make a note of the colour name and reference you want then visit our Fabric Sample Service where you can request your samples.

Any of the following made-to-order items; Self-Tie Cravats, Ready-Tied Cravats, Standard Ties, Slim Ties, Bow Ties, Pocket Squares, Sashes etc., can be made from any colour within our impressive range of fabric colours, so whatever mix of items you are ordering, you can be certain that we will make them all from the SAME piece of fabric, so that they all match PERFECTLY with your chosen colour theme AND each other!

You may already have a specific colour that you wish to match, and to assist with this we offer our Colour Matching Service

Please Note: It is not possible to achieve a perfect reproduction of the various colours and shades of the fabrics on a web page, as so many variables can affect the way they appear to the viewer. Because you are viewing these fabric swatches on a computer screen, please be aware that they may not be an exact representation of the true colours and textures of the actual fabrics.