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Tartan (Plaid) Colour Chart

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View our selection of woven silk tartans, perfect for our Cravats, Ties, Pocket Squares or Sashes.
The actual size of the check pattern (sett) of the tartans do vary depending on the design. All the various tartans look stunning as cravats or ties, and most of our items that we make to order.

Order fabric samples online at the foot of this page,
or by post, just state the name & reference number of the Tartan of which you would like a sample.

Royal Stewart T26 Dress Stewart T27 Black Watch T29 Mackenzie T30 Prince Charles 31

Black&White Erskine T32 Red Ramsey T33 Princess Mary T34 Camel Stewart T35 Dark Anderson T36

Lindsay T38 Dark Maple T39 Modern Macdonald T77 Ruthven T78 Old Wallace T79

Macduff Of Duff T82 Hunting Maclean T84 Hunting Macrae T85 Forbes T87 Cameron T96

Gunn T97 Buchanan T101 Campbell T102 Hunting Ross T103 Graham T104

Hunting Macmillan T106 Robertson T107 The National Tartan T108 Flower Of Scotland T109 Old Baird T110

Ancient Douglas T147 Macpherson T148 Ancient Macleod T149 Burns T150 Macnaughton T180

Modern Lindsay T181 Mackay T182 Modern Mackay T183 Murray T185 Fraser T186

Ancient Johnson T187 Ancient Davidson T188 Antique Royal Stewart T189 Antique Buchanan T190  

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We post fabric samples worldwide, so order online here, or request samples by post (UK only).
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of each fabric colour:



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  Firstly, make a note of the colours you require then please use the online order-form opposite to order your selection of fabric samples.
We will send a maximum of 8 colours per request.
As with our Colour Matching Service and our
Sample Request by post, we don't charge for these fabric samples. However, using this online option a 2.00 postage charge will be added at checkout.
Please select the First Class Post option or Airmail option depending on destination.

The 2.00 postage & packing charge is to cover the costs of sending the samples you have requested to you by land mail or airmail, depending on destination.
You will need a credit or debit card to pay.

The Add-To-Basket button opposite will add the samples you have chosen to your shopping basket, then continue to the Checkout to complete your order.


* Please enter both the Name AND Reference Number of each colour swatch to help our samples team deal with your swatch request accurately and swiftly. Thank you!  
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Hey! Why not try our Colour-Matching Service....

Do you already have a specific colour sample that you wish us to match?
Please use our free Colour-Matching Service. You can send us a sample of your colour and we'll do our very best to find a match for you!  

A note about items made up in our Tartans.....

Our cravats, ties, bow-ties, pocket squares, sashes, etc., can be made to order from any of our tartans, but please be aware that in smaller items like our Sashes and our Bow Ties, less of the actual tartan pattern will be obvious, simply because of the small size of the item as compared to the larger size of some of the tartan patterns. This is, of course, dependant on the size of each tartan pattern.

Timescales for posting Tartan Samples:
Your free Tartan Samples may take around 7 working days to be dispatched, counting from when we receive your request (either online or in the post). We don't keep all of these tartan fabrics in stock, so we may not have samples ready to hand and it could take a few days for our supplier to send them to us.
All fabric samples (swatches) that are requested are posted using 1st class post or Airmail.

Please Note: It is not possible to achieve a perfect reproduction of the various colours and shades of the silks on a web page, as so many variables can affect the way they appear to the viewer. Because you are viewing these fabric swatches on a computer screen, please be aware that they may not be an exact representation of the true colours and textures of the actual fabrics.

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