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How do I go about shopping on your site?

To begin with, browse through our colour charts to see the various shades of Silk displayed from which you can choose the colour (or colours) for your cravats, ties, bow-ties or sashes to be made. Then decide how many of each item you wish to order in your chosen colour and determine the sizes you require.

Prior to ordering, you might like to request some fabric samples to help you decide on the colour of your cravats, ties or bow-ties.

If you are trying to match to the colour of your bridesmaids dresses or a particular wedding colour theme, we recommend you use our colour-matching service prior to ordering to ensure you order the correct colour for your requirements.

You may wish to add Cravat Pins & Cufflinks to your order.

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How do I place an order?

Once you have decided on all the items you would like, visit the pages featuring the products you wish to order and there you will be able to order items by clicking on the Add-To-Basket buttons.
You should enter any necessary information (colour, size, etc.,) and a quantity for each item.

You can also change the quantity of each item ordered in the shopping cart itself. Click the checkout tile and then you can increase or decrease quantities, or remove items as you wish.

When you have added all the items you want to your basket, you will be able to see the total cost of the order by clicking the View Basket links. Choose the shipping method you prefer (choices offered will depend on the country in which you are based) and the basket will calculate the total amount you will be charged.

Next, simply click on the 'Checkout' button to complete your purchase. You will need a credit or debit card to pay.

You will be given the opportunity to specify a delivery address if different from your home address (all parcels have to be signed for so you can enter an address where someone will be present to take delivery, such as a work address, etc).

The currency of our checkout is British Pound (GBP Sterling). Payment by a non UK registered Credit Card will be made in GBP Sterling and the converted amount will be shown on your Credit Card statement.

You may also order by post (within the UK only)

Print our mail order form which you can complete, and send to us through the post. Sorry but we no longer accept cheques. However we still accept payment by postal order (UK orders only). Alternatively, a phone number or email address can be provided on the mail-order form so that we can call and take a payment over the telephone or send an invoice by email.

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How do I pay for my order?

Payment for your order placed online can be made via our secure shopping cart using a credit or debit card.

We also accept online payments by PayPal, which is a popular worldwide secure internet payment service.

If ordering by post we accept payment by postal order (UK orders only). Alternatively, you can provide your telephone number so we can call you to take a card payment over the telephone once we have received your orderform, or provide your email address so that we can send an invoice via email.

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Where can I find the prices of your products?

Details and prices for each of our products can be found on the page of our website featuring that particular product.

To get there, click these links: Cravats , Ties , Bow-Ties , Sashes , Cravat Pins and Cufflinks

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Shipping Information

Choose your preferred shipping method when you reach the checkout.

The shopping basket will add a shipping amount according to the total value of your order, chosen shipping method and order destination.

The shipping amount will be displayed in the shopping basket under the subtotal value of goods ordered.

For more details information please click shipping information

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What are your Delivery Timescales?

Delivery Timescales for Cravats, Ties, Bow-Ties, Sashes:

If you are ordering Cravats, Ties, Bow-Ties or Sashes, these are 'made-to-order' and 'made-to-measure' products, so your items will be made up to order for you, by our team. For these products our usual order turnaround time is approximately 30 days.

If you need a faster turnaround or last-minute order making, please ask us as we may be able to do it for you, but please contact us or call +44 116 216 6159 first to check on the feasibility of us producing your order in the timescales you have. Otherwise: For completion and dispatch please allow 30 days.

Delivery Timescales for Cufflinks/Cravat Pins:

Orders that consist solely of items from the Cufflinks & Cravat Pins page will normally be shipped within 1 to 10 days. However, if you are including made-to-order items (Cravats, Ties, Bow-Ties, Sashes) in the same order, then the delivery timescales for those items will apply.

If you need to check how quickly you can receive any of the items shown on the Cufflinks & Cravat Pins page, please phone or contact us or call +44 116 216 6159 to ask.

Overseas Delivery Timescales

Delivery times stated above are for UK orders. For Non-UK orders a dd transit time (depending on destination and shipping method) on top of usual order turnaround times.

For more detailed information read our full TERMS AND CONDITIONS (Please read note 7 with regard to turnaround and dispatch timescales)

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I was out when they tried to deliver my parcel. What do I do?

Deliveries within the UK

Your goods will be sent via the delivery option you have chosen.

It is your responsibility to ensure someone is present at the specified delivery address to receive and sign for the goods.
If no-one is present to receive the goods and you are left a card please refer to the details on the card to find out what to do next.

The delivery operative will attempt to make a delivery once only. After this the depot will hold the goods for 3 weeks during which time you will need to either arrange re-delivery or collect the goods in person from the Delivery Depot (details on the card left by the delivery driver).
After this time the goods will be returned to us and further charges will have to be made to re-send the goods.

Deliveries Overseas

Your goods will be sent via either International Express Couriers or Airmail (International Signed-For). If no-one is present at the delivery address to receive and sign for the goods then you will have to contact the local office for the courier company or your country's local postal service to find out what to do next.

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I have left things until the last minute. Can I still order?

Even if you have left things until the very last minute, there is a fair chance we can help you. Please contact us or call +44 116 216 6159 to check if we are able to produce and deliver the items you want within the timescales you have.

Last-minute order surcharge

If you need us to produce and deliver any of our made-to-order products in a very short space of time, we may have to make a surcharge to cover extra expenses incurred, for example: to cover the cost of express shipping of fabric that we don't have in stock, to enable us to make up your order in time.

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Can I get fabric samples for Colour Matching?

You may wish to match the colour of the cravats to the Brides or Bridesmaids dresses or to a specific wedding colour theme. So, for your convenience, we offer our Colour Matching Service. Please see full details of this in our Colour Matching Service section.

We recommend that you request fabric samples or swatches prior to ordering any made-to-order product, such as cravats, ties, bow-ties or sashes, to ensure the finished items you receive are the colour that is correct and suitable for your requirements.

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Can I buy a piece of the same fabric?

We are often asked by our customers if we are able to supply them with a short length of the same fabric from which we are making their cravats, ties, bow-ties or sashes, with a view to using this fabric to tie flowers or make decorations or other matching items etc., so that the colour theme of their wedding is continued throughout.

We are able to supply a length of the same fabric from which your cravats, ties and other items are being made. Just add this to your main order (please be sure to order it at the same time as your other items).

We can supply as little as 10cm at £4.00 or 20cm at @pound;8.00 and so on by multiples of 10cm up to a length of 1 metre (£40.00). The width of the fabric is approximately 112cm. This is available to order here.

PLEASE NOTE: Fabric will only be supplied as part of a larger order, for example: if you are also ordering cravats, ties, bow-ties, sashes, in that colour fabric.

Ordering Fabric Only

Sorry but we don't accept fabric-only orders. Fabric is only supplied as part of an order for our other products, for example: if you are ordering our made-to-order cravats, ties, bow-ties or sashes in that colour fabric.

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Can I provide my own fabric?

We can use your own fabric to make our cravats, ties and other items.

We will however have to first check that your fabric is suitable for making such items. If you would like us to confirm that your fabric is suitable before you make a decision to go ahead with providing your own fabric, you could send a swatch (sample) of your fabric to us in the post.

If you require further information on how to go about providing your own fabric please contact us or call +44 116 216 6159

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Can I order a single item to see if I like it, then order further items at a later date?

Yes, of course you can! We understand that occasionally some customers prefer to try this approach.

However, we must point out some potential drawbacks and problems with this approach:

It is a fact that in the dyeing of fabrics (as with any materials subject to any dyeing process) shade differences can occur between dye batches of the same colour.

In industry, this is known as 'batch-to-batch shade variation'.

Because of the inherent time-lapse that would be involved between us making up and delivering the original order and then making up a potential second order at a later date, we cannot guarantee that the original item that you order and any subsequent items that you order will be cut from the same batch (dye-lot) of fabric, and you may see a shade difference between the two orders.

For this reason, if you plan to order a number of items, we strongly advise ordering them all at the same time which will ensure they are all made from the exact same batch or dye-lot of fabric.

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When can I expect a response to my Email?

The Cravat Company will try to respond to all enquiries as promptly as we can. However, we do get a lot of mail and although we try to respond the same day it might take a little longer, so please be patient if you haven't heard back straight away. If you haven't received a reply within a few days, you can assume that we did not receive your email.

Please ensure that you enter your email address correctly on the feedback form. If your email address is entered incorrectly, our reply will not reach you.

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Can I order my cravats in a pre-tied style?

Yes! We offer two styles of 'Ready-Tied' cravat.

You can order our Ready-Tied cravats to be made in either a Ruche style or a Classic style. Both ready-tied styles feature a fastener on the neckband which simply fastens the cravat around the shirt collar. The neckband is adjustable to fit most collar sizes.

If you have concerns about not being able to correctly tie our Self-Tie cravats, then our Ready-Tied styles are the ones for you!

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What style of shirt collar should I wear with my cravat?

You can choose to wear a shirt with either a wing-collar or a regular shirt collar. Our cravats can be worn with either style of shirt collar.

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Do you supply your products wholesale?

We are not supplying our products wholesale at the current time. Please contact us or call +44 116 216 6159 to leave your details and we will contact you should this situation change in the future.

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What is your Returns and Refunds policy?

Any products that are returned to us for whatever reason, must be returned within 7 days of receipt, unworn/unused, and in the same condition as when dispatched.

Made To Order/Custom Made Products

We do not accept returns or offer refunds or exchange on products that are Made-to-Order or Custom-Made, such as our cravats, ties, bow-ties, waist sashes and any other silk fabric product that we may be asked to make.

This is because each cravat, tie, bow-tie, waist sash or other silk product order that is placed is produced by our own team, in one (or more) of our many shades of silk fabric as specified for that particular order.

Please Note: It is important that before you order any Made-To-Order or Custom-Made product that you have reached a final decision with regard to the fabric colour you have chosen and therefore we provide our Colour Matching Service to assist you in choosing the correct fabric and colour for your Made-To-Order items, i.e: our cravat & handkerchief sets, ties, bow-ties, waist sashes or other silk item, prior to you placing your order.

For more detailed Terms on Made-To-Order products please see our full terms You should read notes 5, 6.2, 10 and 11 with reference to Made-To-Order items.

Standard Items

The term 'Standard Items' covers all standard Products but excludes Made-To-Order and Custom-Made.

If you do find you have a problem with any made-to-order item, please notify us by email or telephone within 48 hours of receipt of your made-to-order products so we can discuss your particular situation.

You can return any unused Standard Item ordered up to 7 days after receipt.

Our Cufflink and Cravat-Pin sets are considered to be 'Standard Items' unless you have specifically asked us to make them for you in a non-standard colour, in which case they would be 'Made-to-Order'.

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