colour matching service

Colour Matching Service

We think it is important to see the true colour and appearance of a fabric when you are making decisions regarding having bespoke items made to match your wedding colour theme. Therefore we offer our Fabric Sample Service so that you can see the true colours of the actual fabrics for yourself before you confirm your order.

There are three options for Colour Matching and/or Fabric Samples:

OPTION A: Post us a colour sample for matching

If you are looking for a match to a specific colour that you have already chosen (such as your wedding colour theme or bridesmaid dress colour) then the most efficient method of us finding the best colour match is for you to post to us a sample of the colour/fabric which you are searching for.

Then, we use your actual fabric sample to compare with fabrics from the many ranges we have available to us (not just the range of colours shown on this website) and we will post to you swatches of the best colour matches that we can find.

We have a much greater chance of success in finding a match if we have a sample of the colour from you.

All you need to do is print the request form via the link below, attach your colour sample, add a Stamped Addressed Envelope (UK only*) and post it to us. Then we will compare your sample against our silks and post back to you swatches of the best colour match or selection of closest matches for your approval, all prior to you placing your order.

  • You can send us more than one colour to match if you wish.
  • If you send items for us to colour-match such as dress straps etc., we will ensure those items are returned to you along with your swatches. If you send larger items through the post please ensure you include a sufficient amount of return postage plus the appropriate return packaging.
  • If you cannot see the colour you require on the colour charts that appear on this website, please still send us a sample of your colour as we have many other fabric ranges available to us from which we might be able to find a match for you.

Click here for printable Colour-Matching/Fabric Sample Request Form

Sending us a colour sample from outside the UK:

If you are sending colour samples for matching from countries outside the UK, you will not be able to include a stamped addressed envelope (SAE)for posting your swatches back to you, so to pay the £2.00 airmail fee please click here After completing the payment process, you will receive a confirmation email with an order reference number. Please include this number with your colour sample so we can identify your colour-matching request. Thank you!

OPTION B: Request fabric samples by post from the UK

If requesting fabric samples from outside the UK, please use the Option C.

If you simply want to order swatches (fabric samples) from the colour ranges shown on this website, to see certain shades/fabrics for yourself before placing your order, we will, on request, post swatches of our fabrics to you up to a maximum of 8 colours per request.*

We do not charge for options A and B but we do require that you include a Stamped Addressed Envelope along with your request, for the return of your swatches.

Post your request for colour-matching or fabric samples/swatches, plus your SAE, to:

Colour Matching Service
The Cravat Company Ltd
PO BOX 8257

Remember to include a C5 or DL size envelope (affix a 1st or 2nd class stamp) for your S.A.E.

For your SAE, a C5 (162 x 229cm) or DL (110 x 220mm) envelope stamped with either a 1st or 2nd class stamp is sufficient for posting your swatches to you.

OPTION C: Order your fabric samples online

Fabric Sample Service

Name & reference 1
Name & reference 2
Name & reference 3
Name & reference 4
Name & reference 5
Name & reference 6
Name & reference 7
Name & reference 8

We post fabric samples worldwide. Request samples by post (UK only) or order online opposite.

Click beneath any swatch to add that colour to your swatch request list, up to a maximum of eight samples.

Alternatively, you may enter both the fabric name and the reference number manually.

Please browse through our plain silk colours chart or tartans chart to choose the samples you require.

As with our Colour Matching Service and our Sample Request by post, we don't charge for these fabric samples but when using the online option a £2.00 postage charge will be added at checkout.

Please select the First Class Post option or Airmail option depending on destination.

The £2.00 postage & packing charge is to cover the costs of sending the samples you have requested to you by land mail or airmail, depending on destination.

You will need a PayPal account, credit or debit card to pay. The Add-To-Basket button will add the samples you have chosen to your shopping basket, then Checkout to complete your order.

Colour Matching Service

Why not try our Colour Matching Service?

Do you already have a specific colour sample that you wish us to match?

Please use our free Colour Matching Service. You can send us a sample of your colour and we'll do our very best to find a match for you!

Our cravats, ties, bow-ties, pocket squares, sashes, etc., can be ordered to be made from any of the 214 plain Silk Dupion colours or 44 tartans. However, also bear in mind that we have many other fabric/colour ranges in addition to the colours shown on this page. Literally there are HUNDREDS of colours to choose from! Fantastic!

Timescales: Your Fabric Samples will be dispatched quickly, within 1 to 4 days of receiving your request either online or in the post, with those timescales being dependant on the volume of requests we are receiving at the time. The majority are dispatched by the next working day.

All fabric samples (swatches) that are requested are posted using 1st class post or Airmail.

Please Note: It is not possible to achieve a perfect reproduction of the various colours and shades of the silks on a web page, as so many variables can affect the way they appear to the viewer. Because you are viewing these fabric swatches on a computer screen, please be aware that they may not be an exact representation of the true colours and textures of the actual fabrics.